Triggering tests via API

mabl has a Deployment Events API endpoint that you can use to trigger tests via API. This is particularly useful for integrating with your preferred CI/CD tools, including Jenkins.


Use the Right Key Type

It is important to use the right key type when you are interacting with the API. See Managing API Keys to learn about the different key types.

Reviewing the API settings for your workspace

  1. Click "Settings" in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Locate and click on the "API Keys" tab. In that section, you'll see the API key for your workspace.
  3. Scroll down to the "API documentation" section, click "Select an API," then click "Deployment Events API."


Disabled plans

Any plans that are set to the Disabled state will not run on a deployment event, even if they are set to run only on deployments. If you do have an existing plan that you would like to exclude from your ongoing deployments you can quickly disable it from the "Plans" page. Note: The plan will not be able to be run until it is re-enabled.

In that section, you'll see need to add the environment and application you'd like to trigger on deployment.


Execution Results API

Visit our Execution Results API documentation to learn more about integrating mabl with your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Previewing the Deployment Event

You can perform a preview (dry run) of a Deployment Events API call to see what plans would have executed, without actually running them. Use this to quickly fine-tune your configuration and test your integration.

  1. Select your target environment and application from the fields.
  2. Once added, you'll see additional fields, instructions, and a CURL command builder that you can use to understand the required format to trigger tests via the Deployment Events API.
  1. Select and copy the CURL command.
  1. Open a terminal window on your machine
  2. Paste the CURL command into the terminal
  3. Replace the URL with
  4. Hit Enter
  5. Confirm that you received a successful response, similar to the following:

Deployment Events API Webinar

Watch this webinar featuring mabl's Matthew Stein and James Baldassari for a detailed look at the deployment events API and how to incorporate it into your mabl plans.

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