Test statuses

An overview of test statuses in mabl


Mabl is acquiring the resources to start running the test.


The test run is in progress. When a browser test has a "running" status, you may watch the results live.


The test run completed with all passing steps.


Passed with warning

The following test steps can be configured to pass even if the step lacks "passing criteria":

  • Assertions marked "continue on failure"
  • Accessibility checks marked "never fail"

The only way to determine if these steps passed is to review the test output. If these steps fail, they are marked as "Passed with warning."


The "failed" status appears for test runs that failed to pass at least one step in the test:

  • Browser tests get a "failed" status on the first step that fails. Any subsequent steps do not run.
  • API tests get a "failed" status if one or more steps fail.


Failure by webhook response

If your workspace is configured to post information to a webhook and receive a successful response before executing tests, the failed status also appears for tests that received an unsuccessful webhook response.


The "stopped" status appears in the following circumstances:

  • The test run reached the maximum run time before completing all steps.
  • A member of the workspace stopped the test before it finished running.


Maximum run times

The maximum run times for cloud runs are as follows:

  • Browser tests: six hours
  • API tests: 30 minutes


The "waiting" status appears for tests in plan runs that are waiting for a sequential test or stage to pass.

On hold

The "on hold" status indicates that your workspace has reached the rate limit of allowed concurrent test runs.

Tests with the "on hold" status run when the other tests finish running. If you want those tests to run immediately, you may stop lower-priority tests to free up capacity.