Mabl static IP addresses

Static IP Addresses

Traffic from mabl UI tests originates through a fixed set of IP addresses. Network administrators may have to set up firewall rules (allowlist, permitlist) to allow access to non-public testing and production environments.


Secure tunneling with mabl Link

Read about mabl Link if you desire a more secure solution to testing private environments behind the corporate firewall.


Applications Under Test Hosted on Google Cloud Platform Services

If your application under test is hosted by select Google Cloud Platform services, such as the following, traffic will appear to originate from the address, because the test traffic will transit the internal Google Could network directly to your application.

  • Google App Engine
  • Google Cloud Run
  • Google Cloud Functions


Test Browser traffic from mabl

All test browser traffic will originate from the IP addresses listed in the Settings > Networking page.


Services without Static IP Support

  • Mabl API tests (non-browser) originate from random IP addresses
  • URl Validation Checks from the create/update Application form originate from random IP addresses

Finding the IP addresses

The IP addresses used by mabl are exposed on the Settings > Networking page.

  1. Login to the mabl application
  2. Visit Settings from the left-hand side menu
  3. Click the Networking tab
Example of static IP addresses used by mabl browsersExample of static IP addresses used by mabl browsers

Example of static IP addresses used by mabl browsers

The IP addresses are listed in CIDR block format. If your firewall doesn't use CIDR format, just drop the /32 from the address and use that in your firewall configuration.

Mabl uses standard ports for HTTP (80)and HTTPS (443).

Communicating IP Address Changes

If mabl adds or removes static IP addresses, the change will be communicated via:


  • Webhooks do not yet originate from static IP addresses
  • Executing mabl tests locally with the mabl CLI will originate from their local host
  • Private static IP addresses are not yet available on a per workspace/customer basis
  • As mabl grows, more origin IPs may be added. Advance notice will be provided via mabl status.

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