Slack integration

Configure mabl to notify a Slack channel when new insights and results are available

With mabl's Slack integration, you can send activity from your workspace, such as plan failures, insights, and comments, directly to your channel of choice.

By configuring mabl to send notifications directly to a Slack channel of your choice, you can:

  • Speed up the issue triage response time by setting alerts for critical failures
  • Set filters to monitor mabl for the insights your team cares about the most, such as auto-heal, broken link, and visual change insights
  • Keep up to date on comments in test output without having to log into the mabl app

This guide explains how to set up and configure the Slack integration.


  1. Click Settings in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Locate and click on the Integrations tab.
  3. In the Available integrations section, click the Setup button on the "Slack" card. Clicking the Setup button redirects you to Slack.
The Integrations page

The Integrations page

  1. In Slack, select the workspace and channel that you would like mabl to post to. Clicking the Allow button redirects you back to mabl.
  2. In mabl, configure your integration and click Save.

Once Slack integration is saved, mabl sends notifications according to the configurations you set. See the following section for more details on configuration options for the Slack integration.

A plan fail notification in Slack

A "Plan changed to failing" notification in Slack


Setup privileges

In mabl, you must be a workspace editor or owner to configure the Slack integration.

Configuring Slack notifications

After adding a Slack integration to a channel, you can configure the integration to mention specific people or groups and select the types of notifications you'd like to receive.

Slack configuration page

Slack configuration page


Configure the integration to mention specific users or groups.

Plan notifications

  • Plan run passed
  • Plan failing: This option includes a note on the first error encountered during the plan run, who was the last user to modify the test, and when the test was updated.
  • Plan run started
  • Plan run status changed: This option sends notifications if a plan run passes after a previous failing run, or if a plan run fails after a previous passing run. If the status changes to failing, the notification includes details on the last user to modify the test and when the test was updated.

Other notifications

Configuration notifications for other types of insights:

  • Comments: Comments added to the Test Output page.
  • Application broken: Includes insights around home page load failures and auto-login failures.
  • Timing: Page load and test execution timing insights.
  • Broken links: URL for broken and fixed links
  • Auto-heal: Mabl adaptations to find page elements in browser tests
  • Visual changes: Insights about visual differences found during test runs. Enable visual change learning on your plans to receive these insights.
  • JavaScript errors: New and fixed JavaScript errors encountered during test runs
  • Integration events: Insights around integration events with mabl, such as new OAuth(Slack) integration added, first successful deployment, and first plan execution

Only notify for

Insight statuses

Place a filter on the notifications configured in the "Plan notifications" and "Other notifications" sections to surface specific types of insights.

For example, if you want to receive notifications only when a scheduled plan's status changes from passing to failing, toggle on Plan run status changed and set the Insight filter to "Alert." This configuration filters out Plan run passing insights and only notifies you when there is a Plan run failing insight.

If you want to know when a test has JavaScript errors, but you don't want to know the JavaScript errors are fixed, toggle on JavaScript errors and set the Insight filter to "Warning." This configuration filters out JavaScript fixed insights and only notifies you when there is a JavaScript broken insight.

Plan labels

Use the plan labels filter to receive notifications only for plans that have certain labels. When multiple labels are selected, you get a notification if a matching plan is tagged with any of the labels.