Single sign on with SAML

mabl supports using Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML.

Users can login using your corporate identity providerUsers can login using your corporate identity provider

Users can login using your corporate identity provider

When using mabl SSO

  • mabl user signups for your domain (e.g. [email protected]) must be through SSO
  • upon their first SSO login, a new mabl user and workspace will be created automatically
  • new signups will be assigned their own personal workspace by default
  • preexisting users with emails will be able to now login via your SSO provider

A single SSO connection supports multiple workspaces, so users in your organization can log into multiple workspaces using your SSO provider.


Automatic user creation via SSO

New mabl users will be automatically created upon their first SSO login.


Users must be invited to your company workspace

While SSO allows login and automatic signup to mabl, for security reasons we do not automatically add users to your company's workspace. You will need to invite those users to your shared workspace.

SSO Domain Lock

SSO integrations may be configured with Domain Lock. When enabled, all logins from the domain (e.g. for [email protected]) will get the following behavior:

  • Any new Username / Password signups will be blocked
  • Any logins with pre-existing Username / Password auth will be blocked


Additional e-mail domains

If you have additional domains for your workspace, for example your main connection is for [email protected] and you will also have users logging into your workspace with [email protected] let our support team know when configuring your SAML connection and mabl can add those domains to your domain lock as well. Any additional domains will also be included in the domain lock. You may only use domains that your company fully owns.

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