Single sign on with SAML

An overview of mabl SSO

Mabl supports using Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML so that users can login using your corporate identity provider.


Logging in via SSO

When using mabl SSO, keep in mind the following:

  • mabl user signups for your domain (e.g. [email protected]) must be through SSO
  • upon their first SSO login, a new mabl user and workspace will be created automatically
  • new signups will be assigned their own personal workspace by default
  • pre-existing users with emails will be able to now login via your SSO provider

A single SSO connection supports multiple workspaces, so users in your organization can log into multiple workspaces using your SSO provider.

SSO Domain Lock

SSO integrations may be configured with Domain Lock. When enabled, all logins from the domain (e.g. for [email protected]) result in the following behavior:

  • Any new Username / Password signups will be blocked
  • Any logins with pre-existing Username / Password auth will be blocked


How can I set up an SSO connection in mabl?

See the guides for SAML setup for Okta and SAML setup for Azure for more details on the process. The Okta example should work with other SAML identity providers with a similar setup.

Can an SSO integration have addition email domains?

If you have additional domains for your workspace, for example your main connection is for and you also have users logging into your workspace with, let our support team know so that they can add those additional domains when configuring your SAML connection.

You may only use domains that your company fully owns. Any additional domains will also be included in the domain lock.

Can mabl automatically add users to a workspace after an SSO connection is configured?

No, for security reasons we do not automatically add users to your company's workspace. You will need to invite those users to your shared workspace.

Can I log in with a username and password after an SSO connection is set up?

If you created your account with username and password and domain lock is not configured for your SSO connection, you may log in with a username and password or through SSO.

If you need to log into your mabl account with username or password, but you created the account with SSO, please reach out to the support team for further assistance.



If Domain Lock is enabled, it is not possible to log in with username and password.