Selenium IDE export

The mabl CLI allows you to export mabl tests and import them into Selenium IDE, which is an open-source record and playback tool for web UI automation with Selenium WebDriver. Thus, you can convert your mabl tests to Selenium-compatible format and not worry about vendor lock-in when using mabl.

To run mabl tests in Selenium IDE, you first need to export the mabl test into a .side file format and then import that file into Selenium IDE to run it there.


Licensing considerations

Export to Selenium IDE is available only to the Enterprise plan users.

Export from mabl

If you have installed the mabl CLI, you can export a mabl test into a .side file by running the following command:

$ mabl tests export <test-id> --format side

The test ID can be obtained from the Test Details page:

  • Select "Tests" on the left-hand navigation
  • Click on the test you want to export to open the Test Details page.
  • Open the mabl CLI ID resource viewer. Alternatively, in the mabl web app you can copy the test ID from the URL bar (e.g. .../train/journeys/n3k23bavavba-jn3k23bavavba-j).

The exported test file will be saved in your working directory with the same name as the provided test ID.


Mabl test exported in side file format.

You can export as many mabl tests as needed that way.


Selenium IDE limitations

Mabl has many features that are not available in Selenium IDE, such as PDF and email testing. Those mabl features will be exported as an echo step in Selenium IDE. Thus, you will be able to see them as steps but not run them outside of mabl.

Import to Selenium IDE

Once you have exported a mabl test, you can import it to Selenium IDE with two simple steps:

  1. Go to the Selenium IDE extension in your browser
  2. Go to open a new project and choose the exported file from mabl

You will then see the imported test with its respective steps.


Mabl test imported into Selenium IDE.

You can now run the mabl test using Selenium IDE. Hit the run button and watch the steps run in your local browser as shown in the following video.