Segment integration

How to integrate Segment data into the Page Coverage dashboard

If your team uses Segment, you can incorporate usage analytics from Segment into your mabl testing strategy. The Segment integration shares real user data with the Page Coverage dashboard in mabl to help you determine the number of unique users interacting with each page in your application.


Top application pages sorted by unique daily users

When you connect mabl to a Segment source, mabl adds another metric to your Page Coverage dashboard: users. The "users" column represents the number of unique users interacting with each page. This metric is calculated from the Page and Track events in Segment and aggregated based on URL.

Use cases for the Segment integration include the following:

  • Identifying high-traffic pages in your app
  • Determining which pages of your app need better test coverage in mabl

Read on for instructions on how to set up and use the Segment integration.


To set up the Segment integration, take the following steps:

Create an API key

  • Go to the API page in mabl: Settings > APIs
  • Create a new API key of the type "Usage Analytics"

Connect mabl to your Segment source

  • Go to the Integrations page in mabl: Settings > Integrations
  • Click on the Setup link for the Segment integration. This link redirects you to Segment.
  • Sign into your Segment account.
  • Once you are logged in, select a mabl workspace as a destination for your Segment data.
  • Select a source in Segment. This source should contain the Segment events for the application that you are testing in mabl.
  • Click the Allow button. Clicking this button redirects you back to mabl.

Authorizing mabl in Segment

Turn on Segment

  • Go to the Page Coverage dashboard: Coverage > Page
  • Make sure that Segment is turned on.

Segment integration enabled on Page Coverage dashboard

The Page Coverage dashboard refreshes every 12 hours. The next time the Page Coverage dashboard refreshes after turning on the Segment integration, the Application pages table adds the following:

  • A tab to sort application pages by "Most visited"
  • A new column in the Application pages table: "Users."


Go to the Page Coverage dashboard - Coverage > Page and select the application(s) that the Segment integration is configured for. Then scroll down to the Application pages table to view page coverage results.


Top application pages by most visited with the "Users" column highlighted

To sort coverage metrics by number of unique users, you can:

  • Click on the "Users" column twice to sort pages by unique daily users in descending order.
  • Click on the Most visited tab to view pages sorted by number of users.

A page that has a high number of daily users but a relatively low number of tests, steps, or flows could indicate a gap in your testing coverage.



Mabl does not process personally identifiable information (PII) as part of our Segment integration.

The mabl Segment integration extracts the following fields from Segment:

  • receivedAt
  • sentAt
  • timestamp
  • userId: this value is hashed so that it cannot be connected back to the original user ID