Save conflicts

This article explains how the mabl Trainer warns about potential overwrites.

Mabl's product structure allows teams to reuse browser tests and flows across the workspace. However, if you and a colleague are both editing the same flow or browser test at the same time, you can accidentally overwrite each other's changes.

While branching can help you prevent changes to your main tests, the mabl Trainer also prompts users with a Save Conflict warning to prevent accidental overwrites.

How it works

If you open a flow or a browser test in the mabl Trainer and a colleague saves a new version of that flow or browser test before you save your own changes, mabl displays the following warning:


The Save Conflict warning

If you select Save my changes and Confirm, you overwrite your colleague's changes. Your colleague's saved work becomes the previous version of the test, and mabl saves your version of the test as the latest version.

To avoid overwriting another user's changes, you can save your version to a branch:

  1. Click Cancel on the Save Conflict warning.
  2. Click on the branching dropdown at the top of the Trainer window
  3. Create a new branch to save your changes on.
  4. Save your test.

Saving to a branch allows you to safely merge your changes later using conflict resolution.

Saving to another branch to avoid overwriting another person's work

Saving to another branch to avoid overwriting another person's work