Running performance tests

Performance tests may be run in the cloud on an ad hoc basis or as part of a plan. During a performance test, all runners execute in parallel.



When browser tests run in a performance test, mabl uses the latest version of the functional test. Mabl does not attempt to auto-heal during performance test runs.

To ensure your tests are using up-to-date information to find elements on the page, we recommend running them as regular functional tests in a plan on a regular basis. For example, you could create a plan that runs those browser tests once a week. That way, if there are changes in the application, mabl can keep its find values for your app up to date.

Read on to learn more about running performance tests ad hoc, in a plan, and in a private network.

Ad hoc runs

On the Test Details page, click on Run test and select the appropriate application for running the performance test. Then click Start 1 run.



We do not currently support local runs for performance tests.

Plan runs

You may add performance tests to a plan alongside browser and API tests. Running a performance test within a plan can be helpful if additional functional tests are needed for setup stages before the performance test and teardown afterward.

If the performance test runs as part of a plan, the following plan-level settings are not applied:

  • DataTables - performance tests use DataTable settings applied in the performance test editor
  • Run multiplier - performance tests use concurrency settings from the performance test editor

DataTable scenarios

If the performance test is associated with a DataTable, the performance test assigns a specific scenario to each virtual user, and the virtual user cycles through that scenario for the duration of the test.

For example, if you configure the functional test to use a DataTable with 100 scenarios and set the concurrency to 50 virtual users, then the performance test uses the first 50 scenarios for the duration of the test.

On the other hand, if you configure the functional test to use a DataTable with 50 scenarios and set the concurrency to 100 virtual users, the performance test uses each scenario for two virtual users for the duration of the test.

Testing in private networks

If your test accesses endpoints in a private environment, you may add mabl static IP addresses to an allow list. The specific IP range for performance testing is


Mabl Link is not yet supported for performance tests.