Running API tests

Running API tests

This guide outlines the different ways you can run API tests in mabl and how API tests can be used to augment end-to-end browser tests.

Running API tests

API tests can be triggered from within the API Test Editor, on an ad-hoc basis (local and cloud runs), or within a plan.

The API Test Editor

If you want to get quick feedback on a test that you're working on, click on the play button in the top left corner to run the entire test in the API Test Editor. Running an API test from the API Test Editor is equivalent to a local ad hoc run.


Running a test in the API Test Editor

Ad-hoc runs

You can trigger a single API test to run locally or in the cloud by clicking on the Run Test button on the Test Details page. See our documentation on ad hoc test runs for more information.

Within a plan

When API tests are added to a plan, they can be run ad hoc, on a schedule, or by a deployment trigger within an existing CI/CD workflow.

For more information on how to integrate API and browser tests into a plan, click here.


Max runtime duration

An API test can run up to a maximum of 30 minutes. If you have a case where you need an API test to run longer than that, please contact our support team via in-app chat or [email protected] to discuss your options.