Manual test runs

Triggering a plan via the mabl UI

  1. Click on "Plans" in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Locate the plan that you want to trigger.
  3. Click the run button in the far right column, test execution must be on.

Trigger a single test via the UI

From the details page for each test, except for the default link crawler and visit home page tests, you're able to start a run manually via the "Run Test" button.

Click the button and you'll be able to select which browser you'd like to run the test on, with Chrome selected by default. If you trained the test against a URL used by an existing application and environment, those will be selected as well. If you're using Link, make sure you run against an environment with an active Link connection. If your journey requires credentials, you can select them here.

Once you start a run, you'll see the results populate below.


Note that triggering a single test is suitable for simple troubleshooting and verification purposes, but running tests in this fashion come with some limitations detailed below.

  • The test will wait only for 30 seconds for finding elements. In a regular run, the default wait time is 60 seconds.
  • The auto-healing logic will not update the find information for page elements. Neither insights nor any model affecting insights will be updated.
  • On Chrome executions, step trace will not be generated, and the speed index will not be updated.
  • Webhooks are not triggered after the test completes.
  • Custom headers cannot be specified.
  • Coverage information will not be updated.
  • Element screenshots will not be captured.

Trigger a single test from the mabl Trainer

Editing tests and just want to check if your changes are working properly? You easily trigger a Chrome run of the test you're editing right from the mabl Trainer. Click the icon to the right of the Save button to expand the menu, and then click Save and run in cloud.

You'll see a message appear when the run is kicked off, and as soon as the results start populating you'll be taken to them in a new tab. Don't worry though, your mabl training session is still open in the previous tab you were just in.



Credentials are currently not supported in the current Save and run in cloud feature. If your test does use credentials passed in from a plan or the environment, please use one of the methods mentioned above.

Running mabl tests from the CLI

Tests can be run manually from the mabl CLI, you can find more info here.

Running tests locally from the desktop app

Tests can be ran locally from both the UI and the Trainer in the mabl desktop app. More information on this functionality can be found here.

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