Reviewing performance tests

The output for a performance test includes a performance test summary and details on specific metrics.

Performance test output

Performance test output

Performance test summary

The Performance Test Summary chart shows the overall pass/fail rate and performance test results across the duration of the test, including:

  • Response time: API response time
  • Concurrency: number of concurrent users
  • Throughput: the number of requests per second
  • HTTP error rate: the percentage of API requests with 4xx, 5xx, and connection error responses

To view the results for a specific functional test, click on the "Select functional test" dropdown and select the functional test whose results you want to view.

Performance test run details

For more granular data on specific metrics, refer to the following table for more details:

  • Response time: shows the min, max, and mean API response times, as well as the 90th, 95th and 99th percentiles
  • Response details: a breakdown of the most common response errors. Click to expand a given row in this table in order to see a more detailed breakdown of the exact response codes
  • API endpoints: response details for each endpoint in the API test
  • Failure criteria: overview of the failure criteria, the result, and whether it passed
  • Tests: functional test(s) in the performance test with summary statistics

The table shows results for the current run alongside results for other runs to show how the metrics changed over time. Click on the Started time for a given row to view the performance test output for a different run.


Understanding endpoints

Use the API endpoints tab to identify endpoints with performance issues:

  • Click on the Error rate column to surface endpoints with the highest error rate.
  • Click on response time percentiles to surface the slowest endpoints.