How to use flows in the trainer

Common sequences of steps can be bundled into reusable flows, which can then be inserted into any test. Flows are always up to date; any changes to the base flow will automatically be propagated to all tests containing that flow. A test can be composed with any number of primary (non-reusable) steps and reusable flows. You can also insert the same flow multiple times within a test.

Define a reusable flow

To find the flow options, click the "Add step" plus button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen..

Click the "Add Flow" button in the top menu.

When prompted enter a name for the flow and save. This generates a step marking the beginning of a new reusable flow as well as a step marking the end.

Continue recording steps in the flow.

Now save your test to also save the reusable flow.

Insert a reusable flow

To insert an existing reusable flow click the "My flows" option at the top of the "Insert Step" menu. This option is disabled if there are no reusable flows defined in the workspace.

The selected flow will appear in the list of steps, click the arrow on the left to expand the steps within the flow. A small badge icon in the "Start flow..." step indicates the number of tests using this flow.

You can use the replay controls to play through the flow steps. You can also add, delete, or edit steps in the flow. When the test is saved, any changes to a reusable flow will be propagated to other tests using this flow.


Flow limitations

At present, nesting one flow inside another flow is not supported.

Remove a reusable flow

Click on the "Remove flow" button to delete the flow and all of its steps from the test. The reusable flow will remain available in the workspace.

Convert reusable flow to non-reusable test steps

Delete the "Start flow..." step of a reusable flow converts all the flow steps into primary steps for the test. This does not alter the existing reusable flow.

Convert existing test steps into a reusable flow

To convert a set of primary steps of a test into a reusable flow, simply hover over the steps you would like to add to your new flow. Click the checkbox that appears for each contiguous step, and once you're ready click the "Add flow" button in the hover menu that appears at the bottom of the mabl Trainer window. You'll then be prompted to name the flow and save.

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