Replaying tests

You can replay your trained tests in the Trainer so that you can review individual steps within them and see where things might've gone wrong. This functionality works across all trained tests, so it is not available for the default link crawler and homepage tests.


Upon opening the Trainer, you can locate the playback features at the top. This turns off recording so you can also use this to take a break from a training session.

When you go to playback mode, you start at the beginning of the test. The magenta bar indicates how far you've run. The steps above the bar have been run. The steps after the bar have yet to be run. All training and editing controls, including the ones for the individual steps, are removed.

The second button, "Play from cursor," starts running the test from the current position. When the test is playing, the button turns into a "Pause" button that will stop execution after finishing the currently running step. You will also see a darker highlight on the step that is currently being executed.

As your test runs, you may have failed assertions. Failures will be displayed in white text on a red background above the toolbar at the bottom of the trainer.

Additionally, each step after the current location has a "Play through here" icon that lets you run the steps up to and including that step.

The "Step forward" button, third in line, lets you step through your test at your own pace. It will disable while the step is running or when you're at the end of the test.

If you would like to understand how to insert and edit steps using replay, please see the end of the Editing your trained tests document.

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