Quick-start guide

A quick-start guide for new trial users

This guide outlines how to get started in mabl in five steps, from setting up your account to creating and running your first test.

Step 1: Sign up

If you haven't already, sign up for a free trial that includes all product features and free support.

Step 2: Install the mabl Desktop App

You need to download and install the mabl Desktop App in order to create and edit tests.

Step 3: Create a new browser test

Open the mabl Desktop App to create your first browser test. Start by clicking the Get started button and follow the prompts to create a new test.


Click on the Get started button to create your first test.


Don't have an app to test?

If you don't have a URL to test against, use the mabl Sandbox: https://sandbox.mabl.com.

Step 4: Train your test

When you create a new test, the Desktop App launches a new, stateless browser in the mabl Trainer. With the record button on, complete a basic user path in your application, such as logging in and changing account settings, adding an item to a shopping cart, or deleting a post.

As soon as you start interacting with your application, the mabl Trainer starts recording those interactions. Once you are finished training, save the test.


Training a test in the mabl Trainer

When you close the Trainer, the Desktop App loads the Test Details page for your new test.

Step 5: Run the test

Click on the Run test button to open the Ad hoc run panel, and select the Start 1 run button to run the test.

Once the test run starts, click on the WATCH LIVE link to view live playback while the test is running.


Running a test in the cloud

When the test run completes, the Test Output page shows detailed logs about every executed test step, including screenshots, DOM snapshots, and HTTP archive (HAR) files with network request data.

Next steps

You completed your first browser test! Here are some next steps you can take to continue your journey: