Postman integration

The mabl integration with Postman makes it possible to convert existing Postman Collections to mabl API tests and vice versa. This two-way integration enables your team to take advantage of the best-of-breed capabilities that each tool has to offer. For example, Postman is a great API development and documentation tool while mabl is great for end-to-end API testing and monitoring across public and private environments. All in all, mabl and Postman complement each other to help you develop, document, test, and monitor your web services.


Mabl integration with Postman overview

Integration benefits

When you import existing Postman Collections to mabl, you can:

  • Automate manual API testing by running mabl API tests on schedule and on deployment
  • Increase API test coverage by creating new API tests in mabl with assertions on the response body without having to use JavaScript
  • Augment your UI testing with API tests to quickly and reliably set up/tear down test data and validate complex end-to-end scenarios that involve UI and API integrations
  • Integrate with CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions to run both API and UI tests on deployment
  • See detailed reports for API test runs over time, including detailed logs for quick root-cause analysis of failed tests
  • Invite your entire team to collaborate on API testing in mabl thanks to no per-user fees
  • Export mabl API tests as a Postman Collection to be shared with users, such as developers, who may not be familiar with mabl

Check out the Import from Postman guide to see how you can import a Postman collection as a mabl API test,