Import from Postman

How to import a Postman Collection into mabl

You can create an API test in mabl by importing a Postman Collection (JSON file), including the JavaScript code available within the Pre-request and Tests sections of requests.


Example of a Postman Collection

In Postman

  1. Open a Collection that you'd like to import to mabl.
  2. Click on the More actions (...) menu.
  3. Select Export. Postman will ask you which collection format you would like to save the exported file in. You can proceed with the export without changing the default setting.

Exporting a Postman Collection


Collection size limits

Please note that API tests cannot exceed 1MB in size. We recommend using caution with large JavaScript pre-request scripts.

In mabl

  1. Click the New test button in the left sidebar.
  2. Select API test.

Choosing what test type to create in mabl

  1. Fill out the test creation form.
  2. Click on Create test to load the API Test Editor.

Importing Postman Collection into mabl to create a mabl API test

  1. Click on the Import icon. The API requests from Postman Collection are converted into mabl test steps that you can review.

Example of a mabl API test imported from Postman

Managing variables

To ensure that Postman variables work as expected in a mabl API test, check out the guide on variables in Postman imports.