Octopus Deploy integration

Integrate mabl tests into an Octopus Deploy release

Use the "Run mabl tests" community step template to automatically trigger mabl plans in an Octopus Deploy release.

By adding the "Run mabl tests" step to a deployment process, you can:

  • Create an Octopus Deploy release that executes mabl tests as a deployment event
  • View the status of mabl test results in the task log



In Octopus Deploy, go to the Deployment Process editor and add the Run mabl tests step template:

  1. Search for "mabl"
  2. Hover over the Run mabl tests step
  3. Select install
  4. Add it to your deployment process

Install and add the "Run mabl tests" step template


On the step configuration screen, configure Run mabl tests step to trigger a deployment event in mabl:

  • mabl Integration Key: Use a CI/CD integration API key. API key access and usage is limited to workspace owners.
  • Environment ID: Add the environment ID for the plans you want to run.
  • Application ID: Add the application ID for the plans you want to run.
  • Plan Labels: If you intend to run a subset of plans with specific labels, provide a comma-separated list of plan labels
  • Test Branch: When the branch field is left empty, mabl runs the tests from the master branch
  • Await Completion: By default, the deployment process waits for all triggered tests to complete. If you turn off the Await Completion flag, the Run mabl tests step finishes immediately after triggering tests.

Click Save to apply the changes.



Only enabled plans configured to run on deployment are triggered by a mabl deployment event. If a plan is disabled or lacks a deployment trigger, it does not run as part of a deployment event.


Configuring the "Run mabl tests" step


After you create and deploy a release, the detailed task log shows:

  • The progress of mabl tests triggered in the deployment process
  • A link to the deployment output in the mabl app