Octopus Deploy integration

Integrate your mabl tests directly into your Octopus Deploy process. Use the Run mabl tests step template to automatically trigger specific environment or application plans to run as a deployment task.

To add this step template to your deployment process, follow the steps in the below sections:

  1. Install the Run mabl tests test template from the Community Contributed Test Templates
  2. Configure the template
  3. Create a release to trigger tests

Install the Run mabl tests test template

To use this step template, add it to your process in the Deployment Process editor.

  • As shown below, search for mabl
  • Hover over the step
  • Select Install and Add

Install and Add the Run mabl tests step template

Configure the Run mabl tests step

Next, configure the mabl environment details on the step configuration screen.


How To find integration key, environment ID, application ID in the mabl user interface

In the mabl user interface, navigate to the APIs tab under Settings. You will need an Integration or CI/CD Integration type key to invoke plans in mabl. You will find this in the API keys section.

Next, scroll to the API documentation section and select the Deployment Events API. Using the Curl command builder, select the appropriate Application and/or Environment. The command line output section will show the corresponding ID values. Application IDs end with a -a and environment IDs end with a -e.

  • Enter the integration key. Note that the key value is masked out for security reasons.
  • Add the optional environment ID, application ID, comma-separated list of plan labels and the branch name of the tests. If the branch name is left empty, tests from the master branch will be triggered.
  • By default, the step will wait for all triggered tests to complete. By turning off the Await Completion flag, the step will finish immediately after triggering tests.
  • Click save to apply the changes

Configuring the Run mabl tests step

Create a release

Once you create and deploy a release, you can see the progress of mabl tests executing in the detailed task log. You will also see the link to the deployment output in mabl.