Migrating to the Unified test runner


Legacy Runner Access

Only accounts created before the Unified Runner GA on 3/21/22 have access to the Legacy Runner for Chrome. All new accounts after this date exclusively use the Unified Runner for Chrome and will not need to migrate existing plans.

By default, all new test and plan runs for Chrome default to the Unified Runner. However, your team may have existing plans that were originally created with the Legacy Runner for Chrome.

In order to create a seamless migration process for mabl customers, the plan settings can be easily modified to the Unified Runner by following the steps below.

  1. From the Plans page in the mabl app, you can easily identify the runner for each plan by looking at the Browser column. If the plan is configured to run on Chrome, you will see either Chrome / Legacy Runner or Chrome / Unified Runner when hovering over the Chrome icon.

  2. To quickly see which plans are using the v1 runner, click the Browser filter and select Chrome [Legacy].


Filter plans by browser

  1. Select all plans using the checkbox next to the Plan name column.

Bulk select plans

  1. Click on the Edit icon in the top toolbar.

Bulk edit the runner version

  1. Confirm that the corresponding plans should be updated.

Confirm selection of plans to migrate

This will update the Chrome runner to the Unified Runner for all selected plans. If you need to modify the Chrome runner for one specific plan, this can be accomplished by editing the plan itself.

If needed, you can also revert to the Legacy Runner by following these same steps and selecting "Migrate to Legacy Runner (Chrome)" or modifying this setting from the plan details.

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