Microsoft Teams integration

Alerting on critical failures and testing insights in your workspace is critical to minimizing the impact of issues and regressions detected by your automated testing. That's why mabl integrates with the tools your team uses to communicate and coordinate, including Microsoft Teams.

You can configure your workspace to send updates to specific channels within Microsoft Teams. Additionally, mabl offers a rich set of controls that allow you to fine-tune the data you're sending, such as by plan label or insight type (e.g. only plan failures).

Looking to set up your integration for the first time? Visit our Microsoft Teams integration setup and configuration doc for more details.


Plan information is sent to the selected channel as soon as it happens in mabl.

Use cases

Alerting for key failures (e.g. on builds or deployments)

One of the most common use cases for this integration is instantaneous alerting for your key plans, often smoke or regression test plans or those that run against new build. Even if you're integrating your mabl testing into your pipeline, it can be helpful to have a direct link to the failure where your team is working in Teams. As soon as the plan run completes that data can be sent to Teams.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to configure your integration to only send on changes in plan status (i.e. passing to failing, failing to passing) and to add smoke and regression labels to the plan label filtering. If you take this approach, make sure that you have added the relevant labels to the plans you want to run in mabl.

In the event of a failure, a link will be provided to the first failed output. This allows you to quickly jump into the context of the failure and begin the triage process, which may involve escalating to a Jira ticket directly from that output.

Monitoring key insights

Another valuable use case of this integration is the ability to send all, or a subset, of your insights to a given channel. For example, if you're interested in user-facing changes in your application, you can configure the integration to send auto-heal, broken link, and visual change insights to your team.

Comment feed

Users can comment on individual test outputs to help coordinate triage, changes, and more. These comments can also be sent directly to Teams to allow users to keep up to date on user activity within the mabl app.