Managing workspaces

Managing workspace settings and adding new workspaces

Workspaces are used to group applications, environments, credentials, tests, plans, and more into a set for the purpose of providing appropriate visibility and access control. A workspace is the broadest grouping within the mabl application.

Managing workspace settings

To view workspace settings, go to the Workspace page in mabl: Settings > Workspace.

The workspace page

The Workspace page

Workspace information

  • Workspace ID: copy the unique ID of your workspace for use with mabl API endpoints or in the mabl CLI.
  • Name: if you're an owner, you can update the name of your team's workspace.
  • Session duration: the session duration setting shows the amount of time users in this workspace can be logged in before requiring re-authentication.

Support access

  • Workspace support access: give the mabl Support Team access to your workspace for troubleshooting purposes. Only workspace owners can control the support access toggle.

Danger zone

  • Leave the workspace: if you are the only owner in the workspace, you cannot leave the workspace.
  • Delete the workspace: mabl retains data for 30 days after a workspace is deleted. Trial workspaces are deleted 30 days after the expiration of the trial.

Adding new workspaces

All mabl customers have access to a single workspace, including enterprise customers. Certain tiers of enterprise customers can purchase additional workspaces to help their independent teams test more effectively at scale.

Mabl also provides additional tools to manage multiple workspaces from one central place. Please reach out to your CSM or contact the mabl team to learn more.