Managing user session duration

Workspaces owners have the ability to alter the duration of their user's session, which is the amount of time a user can be logged in before mabl will require re-authentication.

Use cases

Fewer logins

One of the main use cases for this feature is to limit the time your team spends re-authenticating into mabl. Users can configure up to 72-hour sessions for their team, meaning in a regular workweek you'll only have to log in twice rather than five or more times. We know it can be particularly frustrating to put in extra time on a particularly tricky test only to be asked to log in right before you're done.


Another critical use case for configurable session duration is to comply with your company's security requirements, especially those that are in more regulated industries that have tighter controls over authentication and access. While our maximum duration is 72 hours, our minimum duration is as short as 30 minutes. Be warned, all your users will be forced to comply with this setting and it will add more cycles to regularly authenticate.

Configuring a duration for your workspaces

The configuration is accessible from the Settings > Workspace tab to the right of the workspace name editor. Any workspace owner can configure the session duration for all their users within their company. Non-workspace owners can view the duration but cannot alter it.



What does session duration extend to?

Session duration impacts all user sessions to mabl across our web app, desktop app, and CLI, each of which features its own session durations as configured by this functionality. CLI or mabl Runner (link) sessions leveraging API keys are not impacted by session duration.



It's important to note that this is a global setting across your entire company. This means that all workspaces, if your company has multiple, will share this setting regardless of whether you are an owner in those other workspaces.

Who can alter session duration?

Any workspace owner within a company or workspace can alter the session duration. We recommend only adding users as owners if they are needed to invite, remove, or change user settings such as this.

Can I alter the session duration just for my user?

Not today, it applies to all your teammates as well.

What happens when my session expires?

Right before your session expires, mabl will warn you that you'll need to authenticate soon. You'll simply be asked to log in again once expiry does happen and training sessions that are in progress will not be lost.

If I'm active all day, will mabl re-authenticate shorter durations automatically?

No, mabl will ask that you authenticate at the end of each session regardless of activity.

I'm in a trial and can't alter this setting, how can I get access?

Please reach out via in-app chat, or directly to your mabl contact, to gain access to the feature. It's only enabled by default for paid customers today but there are no restrictions for trials that are interested.