Email notifications

Configuring workspace and plan reports

If you prefer to receive results of recent plan runs in your inbox, you can configure mabl to send one of the following types of email notifications:

  • Workspace reports
  • Plan reports


Slack and Teams integrations

If your team uses Slack or Microsoft Teams, we recommend setting up notifications with the mabl integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

This guide explains how to configure workspace reports and plan reports and what information is included in each type of report.

Workspace reports

Workspace reports include a summary of active plan runs across the workspace, including plan run statuses and recent insights.

Workspace reporting settings are configured per user per workspace. To configure workspace report settings, click on the workspace name in the top right corner of the app and select User settings. You may configure the workspace report to be sent according to one of the following schedules:

  • No report
  • Daily
  • Weekly - this is the default setting
  • Custom
user settings

The User Settings modal



If you belong to multiple workspaces, updating the workspace report schedule in one workspace does not change the workspace report schedule in the other workspaces that you belong to.

The workspace report includes a summary of test activity, recent insights, and plan run details.

Summary of test activity

The summary of test activity includes the following:

  • Tests: number of tests that ran in the most recent run of each active plan.
  • Test runs this month: number of browser tests that have run in the current month to date.
  • Passed test runs: number of passing test runs from the most recent run of each active plan
  • Failed test runs: number of failing test runs from the most recent run of each active plan
summary of test activity

Summary of test activity

Recent insights

The Recent Insights section reports the latest metrics from the Insights page, including:

  • Test coverage: total test coverage averaged across all applications in the workspace for the last two weeks
  • Visual changes: number of steps with visual changes in the last 30 days
  • Broken links: number of broken links in the most recent link crawler run
  • Javascript errors: number of steps with JavaScript errors in the most recent link crawler run
recent insights

Recent insights

Plan run details

The last section of the workspace report shows details from the most recent run of each currently active plan, starting with failed plan runs. Links direct you to view more detailed results in the app.

plan run details

Plan run details

Plan reports

In addition to configuring reports for test activity across the workspace, you can configure plan reports for specific plans. Plan reports give a summary of the most recent active run for a specific plan.

Whereas workspace reports are configured by each individual user, plan reports are configured at the workspace level. To configure plan report settings, go to the Plan Details page and click on the email icon to open the Update Report Settings modal.

arrow pointing to plan report settings icon in the app

Opening the Update Report Settings modal

Plan report recipient

Indicate whether the plan report should be sent to "specific email addresses" or all "workspace members". If you select "specific email addresses", indicate the email addresses in a text box that appears when you select a scheduled or triggered report option.

Scheduled report

You may set the plan report to be sent according to one of the following schedule options:

  • Never
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Triggered report

If you only want to get notifications when there is a specific change in plan status, select from one of the following trigger options:

  • Never
  • On pass/fail status change
  • On each run
  • On each passing run
  • On each failing run



When a new link crawler plan is created, the plan report is set to be sent daily to all workspace members by default.