Mabl Trainer tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for working in the mabl Trainer

This guide offers some helpful shortcuts and capabilities that you can use while creating and editing tests in the mabl Trainer.

Drag-and-drop editing

The mabl Trainer supports drag-and-drop editing for the Trainer cursor and test steps. This functionality allows you to move the Trainer cursor and test steps to a specific point in the test.


Reordering steps in the Trainer

Play through step

If you want to add steps in a specific part of an existing test, play through here is a great way to ensure that your application is in the correct state before recording new steps.

Moving the Trainer cursor

If you want to record new steps in a specific part of the test, make sure that the Trainer cursor is located in the correct part of the test. There are three ways to move the Trainer cursor to a specific part of the test:

Drag and drop

Use the Trainer's drag-and-drop functionality to move the cursor to the correct part of the test.

Arrow keys

Click on any of the steps in the mabl Trainer window, then use the up and down arrow keys to "step through" the test.


Moving the Trainer cursor with arrow keys

Move cursor here

If you click on the More actions (...) menu for a specific test step and select Move cursor here, the Trainer cursor moves to be just before the test step.



Run steps to verify

Always make sure to be on the correct page when recording new steps. After reordering test steps or adding new test steps to a specific part of the test, you can run newly recorded steps to verify that they produce the expected result.

Renaming steps

You can rename a test step by double-clicking on it and typing in a new name.


Renaming a step

Step notes

Besides renaming the step, you can also add a step note, which can be useful if you want to give more context or an explanation for teammates who need to update the step in the future.

To add a step note, click on More Actions (...) and select Annotate. Step notes appear below the step on the Test Details page and the Test Output page.


Step nine appears with a note on the Test Details page

Undo and redo

The undo and redo buttons at the top of the Trainer window allow you to undo and redo the following actions on steps in the Trainer: add, delete, move, edit.


Bulk actions

You can select multiple steps in the Trainer to include in one of the following bulk actions:

  • Disabling and enabling steps
  • Create flow from existing steps
  • Delete step
    When you hover over a step's number, a checkbox appears so that you can select the step for the bulk action.