What does mabl offer?

mabl offers scriptless cross-browser testing, auto-healing tests, visual testing, and diagnostics in one simple service. As a next-generation automated functional testing tool, mabl provides an end-to-end solution that addresses the limitations of traditional testing tools such as Selenium and SauceLabs.

Less time testing, more time developing

mabl combines the best of end-to-end testing, test case management, and machine learning in one service. Get started testing with mabl and let us handle:

Worry-Free Infrastructure

mabl runs everything in the cloud, which means we aren't limited by the constraints of traditional testing solutions.

Unlimited Concurrency

Need to run 10 tests at once or 10,000? We'll scale automatically and keep up with your needs, no matter how demanding.

Auto-Healing Tests

mabl automatically adapts your tests to your changing app, so you spend less time managing your tests.

Comprehensive Test Output & Visual Change Detection

Screenshots are taken before and after each action mabl performs so you can see the state of the application at every step. mabl learns what your app should look like and alerts you if any static items change.

How do I create a great end-to-end test in mabl?

All great testing in mabl starts with the mabl trainer, a chrome extension used create and record your end-to-end functional tests within mabl. By using the trainer, mabl collects a variety of data about your app that traditional automated tests overlook to ensure your tests are as robust as possible. Within mabl these tests are simply called "Journeys," as they're a set of steps that follow a user's journey through your app. Since journeys aren't attached to a single URL, one journey can be used to test your QA environment, your staging environment, and your production environment at the same time.

When you create an end-to-end journey in mabl, there's a lot more than just clicking around and recording simple steps. The first time you start using the mabl trainer, we recommend proceeding through your app as a normal user would. You should try adding some assertions against elements on the page as well as try creating dynamic variables and inserting them into text-entry fields to further test your app. The best mabl journeys test the functionality of your website through clicks and variables while also verifying the fidelity of your app through assertions. With the mabl trainer as your testing toolbox, you'll be able to test your app faster than ever

Now you're ready to start with mabl. Sign into the app, add the trainer Chrome extension, and create a journey to start testing.

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