Mabl CLI overview

Mabl CLI is a command-line tool that helps you integrate mabl with your CI/CD pipeline and developer workflow. It is distributed as a Node.js package available on

Use cases

  • Create, edit, and run tests from your command line
  • Integrate testing as part of your CI/CD build process
  • Run smoke and regression tests on deployment
  • Import from Selenium tests into mabl
  • Query your workspaces, applications, environments, and tests
  • Work with mabl test branches
  • See deployment test results
  • Download screenshots for a given test
  • Export from tests to Selenium IDE format

If you would like to integrate the mabl CLI into your CI/CD pipeline, please refer to our documentation for the mabl Runner and JavaScript testing frameworks.

Visit the Installing and configuring the mabl CLI page for instructions to install and configure this utility.

Should you need support for additional use cases, let us know by posting on the mabl Product Portal.