Link Agent commands

Managing mabl Link Agents from the mabl CLI

Use mabl link-agents commands to programmatically list, terminate, and delete mabl Link Agents from your workspace.

mabl link-agents list

The mabl link-agents list command lists link agents for your workspace, including the ID, name, status, host, OS, created time, and heartbeat.


--output, -oSpecify the output format: "json, "yaml", "table". The default is "table".
--limit, -lSpecify the number of link agents to return. The default is 10.
--max-heartbeat-ageOnly returns link agents that have a heartbeat within the specified number of seconds. The default is 300.


# Return a list of link agents in JSON format
mabl link-agents list --output json

# Return link agents that had a heartbeat within 1000 seconds
mabl link-agents list --max-heartbeat-age 1000

mabl link-agents terminate

Send a shutdown signal to a specific link agent.

mabl link-agents terminate <link-agent-id>

mabl link-agents delete

Delete a link agent and the infrastructure associated with the link agent label. Block new agents with the given label for 15 minutes. Customers who are dynamically creating link agents must call this command when a link agent is no longer needed.

mabl link-agents delete <link-agent-label>