Managing flow data-driven variables

How to work with flow data-driven variables in browser tests

If there is a Data-driven variables section on the Flow Details page, it means that the flow uses "flow data-driven variables." These are variables that have their value set from a different source, such as a prior test step, an environment variable, or a DataTable scenario.


Data-driven variables section on the Flow Details page

Mabl stores a default value for the variable with the flow. If the same flow is used in a different test where the variable hasn't been defined, the flow uses the default value for this variable. For this reason, it is important to construct your tests such that a flow data-driven variable's value is set correctly for the context the flow is used in.

Behavior of flow data-driven variables

The primary function of flow data-driven variables is to serve as a backup in case the flow gets imported into a test where the variables haven't been defined.

When you import a flow with data-driven variables into a test, the flow data-driven variables become test data-driven variables when you save the test. If you delete the test data-driven variables that came from the flow, the test falls back to the flow data-driven variables as a backup.

Updating flow data-driven variables

If you need to update the default value for a flow data-driven variable, you can take the following steps:

  1. Go to Tests > Flows
  2. Select the flow you would like to modify
  3. Click on the Edit variables button
  4. Update the default values
  5. Click Save to confirm your changes

Edit flow data-driven variables