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1. End-to-end test automation

In addition to testing your web apps, you can test your emails, APIs, and PDFs from mabl using this trio of features.

Mabl Mailbox

Test the content of your application's emails.

API testing

Securely interact with APIs in your tests without writing code.

PDF testing

Validate PDFs and their contents in your tests.

2. Ease of use

Get started using your tests easily, have your tests adjust to changes in your UI, and test without worrying thanks to extensive security.

Easy setup

Create, scale, and integrate automated tests in minutes.

Auto-healing tests

Tests are automatically updated when your UI changes.

Secure testing

Tests are always executed securely and your data is never put at risk.

3. In-depth testing

Use mabl's extensive testing capabilities to add to the power and scope of your tests.

Data-driven testing

Run tests with different permutations to strengthen and extend your automated test cases.

Cross-browser testing

Configure your tests to run in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Edge - all in parallel.

4. Comprehensive results

Learn more from your tests, getting information about errors, visual changes, and your page's performance.

Comprehensive test output

Errors are surfaced with all the detail you need to diagnose and fix them fast - before your customers are impacted.

Visual anomaly detection

Identify important visual changes in your app.

Performance regression testing

Deploy code with confidence, knowing regression tests are fully automated with every test.

5. Integrations

Extend mabl to your existing tools to optimize your day-to-day workflow.