Exporting test step data

Export artifacts from a browser test run via the mabl CLI

You can export all artifacts from a single browser test run using the mabl CLI command mabl test-runs export. This command is useful if you want to collect archival data for audit and retention purposes.

mabl test-runs export

The mabl test-runs export command sends an export request to mabl and downloads the export as a zip file to your local machine. By default, this command exports screenshots. You may also export console logs, DOM snapshots, HAR files, and step traces.


--fileExport to a specific file. By default the command exports a zip file to the local path.
--typesType of test data to export: screenshots, console_logs, doms, hars, traces


Exporting data

For more information on the different types of test data that you can export, see the article on downloading test data.


# Export screenshots from a test run to a file called "audit"
mabl test-runs export <test-run-id> --file ./audit

# Export console logs and HAR files from a test run
mabl test-runs export <test-run-id> --types console_logs hars