Email testing and validation

You can test key user journeys that involve email interactions using mabl Mailbox. With mabl Mailbox, there's no need for scripting or complex setups, and you can rest assured that your test emails are kept safe in a highly secure mailbox.


Enterprise feature

This feature is available to mabl trial users and customers on the Enterprise plan.

Use case

Use cases for mabl Mailbox include:

  • Verifying scheduled emails
  • Testing password recovery
  • Testing email communications over time
  • Registering for an account
  • Logging into an account that emails a one-time passcode to complete authentication
  • Verifying receipt of web form submission notifications, such as "Contact us" forms
  • Verifying attachments and their metadata

How it works

From a high-level, there are three steps to testing with mabl Mailbox:

  • Create a permanent or temporary email address
  • Train test steps to send emails to that address
  • Open the mabl Mailbox in the Trainer to create assertions on the email, including subject, sender, email contents, and attachments

Mabl Mailbox limitations

  • Your form validations and mail provider should support email addresses up to 25 characters long.
  • The email address cannot be user supplied; it must be an input to the test and generated by mabl.
  • The total size of the email, including attachments, must be under 10 MiB.
  • Email must arrive within five minutes of the email assertion step. Otherwise, the assertion fails.

Learn more

To get started with this feature, see the articles on creating a mabl Mailbox address and using mabl Mailbox in the Trainer.