Downloading test data

Downloading data from steps in browser test output

You can download test data for any step in your tests right from the Test Output page. Exporting test data is helpful for collecting archival data and debugging steps that failed or are not running as expected.

To export data for a specific step, click on the ACTIONS dropdown and select the type of data you'd like to export.

downloading test step data

Downloading test step data


Exporting data from the mabl CLI

Run the command mabl test-runs export <TEST-RUN-ID> to export browser test step data via the mabl CLI.

This guide outlines the types of data you can download from browser test steps.


Download the screenshot for the test step.

Step trace

Step trace is a JSON that captures a timeline of the step as mabl records it. You can use step trace during debugging to determine what happened during a particular step.


Browser support

Step trace is supported for tests running on Chrome and Edge.

After downloading the step trace for a step, you can take the following actions to review it:

  1. Open Chrome DevTools: right-click > Inspect.
  2. Click on the Performance tab in Chrome DevTools.
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded step trace JSON file.
  4. Hover your mouse over the timeline to review the step timeline.
reviewing step trace in Chrome DevTools

Reviewing step trace in Chrome DevTools


Further information

For more info on how to understand the timeline tool and the ways in which it can be useful, please visit chrome dev tools documentation.

DOM snapshot

Mabl supports downloading the DOM snapshot of any step in your tests to give you a better representation of the HTML of the page that mabl encountered at the time of testing.

HTTP archive (HAR)

The HTTP archive or HAR file provides all the network requests made by the application under test during the current step, and they are useful when trying to debug network errors that occur during test runs.

HAR files consist of an ordered list of HTTP requests. They are the standard format for exporting HTTP requests made by a browser while interacting with a website. Each entry contains a request, a response, an IP address, a timestamp, and a set of timing information for various components of the request.



Mabl does not collect the following information in HAR files:

  • Information about which pages the requests occurred on: all pages are labeled generically and all requests are listed under a single table.
  • Header or cookie information: these fields appear as empty lists in the generated HAR file.

Console logs

Download browser console logs for Chrome test runs.

Accessibility check results

Download the results of an accessibility check in JSON format.