Desktop App overview

The mabl Desktop App provides all of the functionality of the mabl web app and Trainer in one single package. This includes managing your workspace, as well as creating, editing, and executing tests.

In addition to all of the functionality that the mabl Trainer offers, there are some distinct benefits for using the desktop app, including stateless training sessions, local runs, and dedicated resources.

Use cases

With the mabl desktop app, you can:

  • Leverage all the functionality of the mabl web app and Trainer
  • Create and edit browser tests in a dedicated training environment
  • Create, edit, and run API tests
  • Create, edit, and run web tests on a specific mobile device
  • Run tests locally from a training session
  • Run tests locally from your workspace

Testing setup

In order to use the mabl Desktop App, you will need to install the application by following this guide. Once the app is installed, it should integrate directly into your workflow by providing the same mechanisms for creating tests and managing your workspace.

Your workflow

With the ability to run tests locally from the Desktop App, it is possible to get quick feedback on new or changed tests. These runs allow you to ensure your tests are working as expected, without contributing toward your cloud run allowance. Here is how you can incorporate local runs into your workflow:

  • Create a new test or edit an existing one
  • Save the test
  • Run the test locally (either from the Trainer or the test details page) to ensure that the test is passing locally
  • Run the test in the cloud on one or more devices and browsers to ensure that the test is passing in the cloud

Learn more about using local runs in the desktop app here.

Navigating in the Desktop App

Since the Desktop App exists outside of the browser, there are different mechanisms for navigating in the app. Use the right-click menu to navigate forward and backward, reload the page, and copy the URL for the current page.


There are two options for copying the URL in the desktop app:

  • Copy URL for browser: This link navigates to the page in the mabl web app.
  • Copy URL for app: This link opens the mabl Desktop App and navigates to that page.

You can also get the URL for the current page from the Edit option in the top menu (Edit > Copy URL for browser or Edit > Copy URL for app ).

Open in desktop app

If you are working in the web app, click on the desktop icon at the top right of the window to launch the Desktop App to that specific location.