Creating a plan to run tests

Plans, along with tests, make up two of the core features of mabl. A plan runs all of the tests that it contains, which can be as many or as few as you need, in parallel. Additionally, plan contains all of the information that tests need to run such as, but not limited to: URLs, browsers, and the specific timing triggers. Find specific information about defining a plan below.

Creating a new Plan

  1. Click the "Plans" link in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the "New Plan" button in the right-hand side of the window.
Accessing the New Plan formAccessing the New Plan form

Accessing the New Plan form

  1. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the Plan.
  2. Select the target application.
  3. Select the target environment.
  4. Select or enter the target URL.
  5. Select the test(s) that you would like to include in the plan.
  6. Choose the events that you would like to trigger the execution of the plan. By default, the plan will be run every 4 hours and when you notify mabl of a new deployment.
  7. Click "Save Plan."

Organizing/Designing Your Plan

Watch this webinar featuring mabl's Matthew Stein explaining the best practices for organizing your tests into effective plans, and check out the associated blog post here for text explanations.

Watch the next chapter in the quick start video guide.

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