Creating a mabl Mailbox address

This article explains how to create a mabl Mailbox address for temporary email addresses and permanent email addresses:

  • Temporary email addresses are generated as variables in the mabl Trainer and do not persist after the test run completes.
  • Permanent email addresses are created in the mabl app and persist indefinitely.

Temporary email addresses

Temporary email addresses are ideal for email testing scenarios that can be completed within a single test, which may include:

  • User account registration
  • Web form submission notifications, such as the emails that are sent after interacting with a "Contact us" form on a website

To generate a temporary email address, create or edit a browser test in the mabl Trainer. Then take the following steps:

  1. Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the mabl Trainer window to add a step.
  2. Click on the Mailbox step.
  3. Select "Create temporary email address."
Creating a temporary email address

Creating a temporary email address

  1. Give your mabl Mailbox variable a name.
  2. Click OK. You've just created a new mabl Mailbox!

If you want to customize your temporary email address to distinguish it from other emails, you can use custom email address prefixes.

Permanent email addresses

Unlike temporary email addresses, permanent email addresses persist indefinitely. They are ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Verifying scheduled emails
  • Testing password recovery
  • Testing logins that require MFA via email



Tests steps that are trained using emails sent to permanent inboxes are only supported on the Unified Runner.

To create a permanent email address, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Mailbox page in the mabl app: Configuration > Mailbox
  2. Click on the + Create email button
  1. Give your email address a name and prefix. You may also add a description.
  2. Save your email address.


Permanent email address limits

  • Enterprise workspaces can create up to 100 permanent email addresses
  • Trial workspaces can create up to 20 permanent email addresses.

Enabling and disabling permanent inboxes

Permanent inboxes are automatically disabled if they receive more than 20 emails per hour or more than 100 emails per day. If a test executes a step to assert on or open an email sent to a disabled inbox, the step fails and provides an error message indicating that the permanent inbox was disabled.

You can use the toggle on the Mailbox page to re-enable a permanent inbox:

  • Go to Configuration > Mailbox in the mabl app
  • Click on the toggle to enable or disable a specific inbox.

Next steps

After creating a temporary or permanent email address, you can start using the mabl Mailbox in the Trainer!