Configuring Slack notifications

After you add a Slack integration and choose your channel, you are redirected back to mabl to select the types of insights to incorporate in the Slack reports. There are several types of insights you might wish to be notified of, and these can be edited at any time.

Configurable categories:

  • Plan Failing: includes plan started failing and back to passing insights
  • Application Broken: Includes insights around home page load failures and auto login failures
  • Timing: Page load and test execution timing insights
  • Broken Links: Broken and fixed links
  • Auto Heal: Mabl adaptations to tests
  • Visual Changes: Insights about visual differences found during test runs. Enable visual modelling on your plans to receive these insights
  • Javascript Errors: New and fixed javascript errors encountered during test runs
  • Integration Events: Insights around integration events with mabl, such as new oauth(slack) integration added, first successful deployment, and first plan execution
How to select categories to enable Slack alerts

How to select categories to enable Slack alerts

In addition, you can select one or more plan labels to be notified for.

Notification by plan labels

When multiple labels are selected, then you will get a notification if a matching plan is tagged with any of the labels.

Once done, hit Save. You will be taken back to the Integration tab, where you now have the option to edit or remove the integration.

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Configuring Slack notifications

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