Commenting on branched versions

When working with branches, it’s critical to be able to collaborate with your team as closely as possible to build alignment on changes. You can create and resolve comment threads for changes made to a test or flow on a branch. This functionality allows teams to ask questions, resolve issues, and help improve the quality of their changes collaboratively within mabl, instead of relying on outside tooling.

Adding a comment

To get started, navigate to the Branch Details page and click on the change count for the test or flow that you'd like to compare.


Click on the change count to open the Compare view.

In the Compare Versions view, click on the comment button in the top right corner to add a new comment.


The comment icon appears in the top right.


You can use markdown to format your comments.

Responding in a thread

In addition to creating comments, you can respond to existing comments by clicking the comment icon under any top-level comment. Similarly, clicking that same icon will take you to the thread attached to that main comment.


Resolving a comment

When you and your team have resolved an issue, you can click the green check to resolve the comment and any threaded comments. Resolved comments can still be accessed and unresolved, but they will not be expanded by default.

Deleting a comment

Comments can only be deleted by the person who created them and cannot be recovered.

On merge

Comments are added to tests and flows on a given branch, but will still be accessible even after a branch is merged. However, you must visit the branch details page to view these comments as they are tied explicitly to the branch itself and not the test or flow. This means that comments from branches, whether they're merged or not, will not be visible outside of the comparison view on the branch they were added to.