CLI-based CI/CD integration

In addition to using mabl's out-of-the-box integrations with CI tools such as Bamboo or GitHub Actions, you can use the mabl CLI to integrate end-to-end testing into your CI/CD pipeline.

$ mabl deployments create --application-id <application_id> --environment-id <environment_id>

# Specify source control information to use with mabl GitHub App
$ mabl deployments create\
 --application-id <application_id>\
 --environment-id <environment_id>\
 --revision 41d502b463a37e87047148a6000411a1e1bf9a79\
 --repository-url [email protected]:foo-org/bar-repo.git

With mabl CLI you can run tests on deployment in the mabl cloud and/or inside your CI environment. Please refer to the help articles on test execution and continuous testing in CI/CD to learn more about the differences and benefits of those two approaches to running mabl tests.

We then recommend that you refer to the mabl CLI documentation to learn more about how to use it.