Azure Pipelines integration (VSTS)

Running mabl tests in Azure Pipeline builds

Integrate your mabl tests directly into your Azure Pipelines builds inside Azure DevOps. Use the mabl pipeline task to automatically trigger plans associated with a specific environment and/or application to run as a build task.

With the mabl integration for Azure Pipelines, you can:

  • Launch mabl tests as a build or release pipeline task
  • Fail the build or release based on the status of mabl tests. Optionally, you may set the task to continue on failure.
  • View mabl test statuses and results from the Tests tab in your Azure DevOps Pipeline output

Before you start

Before setting up a mabl pipeline task in Azure, gather the necessary information to trigger a deployment event in mabl:

  • The application ID and/or environment ID of the plans you want to trigger. See the article on mabl resource IDs for more information on obtaining these IDs.
  • Plan labels - if you plan to run a subset of plans with specific labels
  • A CI/CD integration API key. API key access and usage is limited to workspace owners.



Only enabled plans configured to run on deployment are triggered by a deployment event. If a plan is disabled or lacks a deployment trigger, it does not run as part of a deployment event.


Visit the mabl integration page in the Azure Marketplace for instructions on how to add a mabl pipeline task.