Auto-login flows

All about the auto-login flow

Mabl has the ability to log into many applications automatically, given that all you need to login are a username and password. This guide explains how to use auto-login flows in browser tests and identifies limitations of using the auto-login flow.


Auto-login flow in the mabl Trainer window

Adding an auto-login flow

New browser tests

You can add an auto-login flow while creating a new browser test.

  • Use an application URL that has a login link. If there is no login link present on the application URL, the auto-login flow fails.
  • Toggle on Show advanced options and Add auto-login flow.
    • If you are adding the test to an existing plan, the test uses the credentials stored with the plan for the auto-login flow.
    • If you selected "New plan" or "No plan" for the test, select or add the set of credentials to use for the auto-login flow.

When you click on the Create test button, the mabl Trainer launches and shows the auto-login flow highlighted in gold: Start flow "mabl Auto Login Flow"

To an existing browser test

You can add in an auto-login flow to an existing browser test in the mabl Trainer or quick-edit mode by taking the following steps:

  1. Click on the plus icon to add a step
  2. In the "Insert a step" menu, click on Flows.
  3. Type "mabl Auto Login Flow" in the search input.
  4. Select "mabl Auto Login Flow."
  5. Click on the Import flow button. The auto-login flow will appear as a new step in the test.

Training in tests with auto-login flows

Replay of the auto-login flow in the mabl Trainer is not supported. While training, you should manually log into your app. Make sure that the record button is off while you log into the app so that you don't accidentally record login steps in addition to the auto-login flow.

Reviewing auto-login flows

In the Test Details and Test Output (results) page, auto-login flows appear with a different name: Uses supplied credentials to log into site.


Auto-login flow on the Test Details page


Auto-login flow does not work in the following situations:

  • The application requires more than a username and password to log in.
  • The login page isn't in English.
  • The attributes for the username and password fields are not descriptive enough for mabl to recognize as username and password fields.

Auto-login flows can only use mabl credentials, which have the following limitations:

  • Mabl credentials are not environment-specific.
  • Tests that run in the same plan can only use one set of mabl credentials.