Adding scripts to API tests

How to add pre-request, test, and flow-level scripts to an API test

This guide outlines how to add pre-request, test, and flow-level scripts to an API test.

Pre-request scripts

Pre-request scripts execute code before a request is made. To add one, open the API Test Editor and take the following steps:

  • Click on the test step you'd like to edit on the left-side panel.
  • In the Request details section, select the Pre-request tab.
  • Edit your script code as needed.

Test scripts

Test scripts run code after a request is made. They can be added in the Validation and variables assignment section:

  • In the API Test Editor, click on the step you'd like to edit in the left-side panel.
  • Open up the Validation and variable assignment section.
  • Select the Test tab.
  • Edit your test script as needed.

You can review pre-request and test scripts for individual steps on the Test Details page.

Flow-level scripts

Flow-level scripts are applied on every request in an API test; they include the option for both pre-request and post-request scripts.

To add a flow-level script, click on the pencil icon in the flow title card to open the flow properties modal:


In the modal, you can select the Pre-request or Post-request tab and edit your script code as needed. Close the modal using the X icon when you are happy with the script.


Learn more

Refer to the API script examples guide for specific examples of JavaScript in an API test.