Using custom email prefixes with mabl Mailbox addresses

You can add a custom prefix to your mabl mailbox email addresses. While mabl supports creating multiple distinct email addresses in a single test, tagging them with a custom prefix can help you easily mark and differentiate them. (e.g. querying for results containing the chosen string in your own databases).

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a variable - choose mabl mailbox address
  1. Create another variable - choose string template of the form prefix+{{@email_address}}. You can use the following separators after your prefix:
  • - dash
  • _ underscore
  • + plus sign


No special characters

Prefixes may consist of up to 20 lower case lower case characters as a regex: [a-z0-9]{1,20}

  1. Use your new variable as you would normally for a mabl mailbox address. For example, send an email to that address and add a "Mailbox" step to open and assert on the email in the Trainer.


Note that no matter what prefix you add, all email sent to the inbox for the original generated base address.

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