Filters on results screens

Posted by Eugene Krylov 9 months ago

Find the test run, plan run, or deployment you're looking for even faster with our newly upgraded filters on the Results page. Export your filtered results to a CSV with the click of a button as well.


Assert against count of all found elements

Posted by Juliette MacPhail 9 months ago

mabl now supports finding all elements that match a CSS selector or XPath. From here, you can assert the number of elements that match this query. In the future, we hope to expand this feature to support additional actions in the Trainer.


Export mabl tests to Selenium IDE and more

Posted by Michael Bartucca 9 months ago

You can now export mabl tests into various formats with the mabl CLI (version 0.1.10-beta). Supported export formats are:


Run in Cloud from the mabl Trainer

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 9 months ago

Now you can launch full test runs in the mabl cloud directly from the mabl trainer. Use this feature to easily verify your test as you train and edit them with new steps. Your training session will remain open so you can continue to iterate on your trained test or fix any issues discovered during the run. Just be sure to return to the tab with the trainer.


Run mabl tests from the CLI

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 9 months ago

CLI Setup

See the CLI overview for general setup and auth instructions


Branching support

Posted by Geoff Cooney 9 months ago

With the latest release, mabl now supports branching tests and reusable flows. You can create branches, save tests to them, run the branched tests, and add them to plans. All without impacting your regular plan runs. Then when everything looks good, or when the code your testing is deployed, you can merge the tests in mabl to make them available broadly.


Visual Smoke Tests

Posted by Joseph Lust 9 months ago

Easily test multiple pages for visual changes

Drag and drop steps

Posted by Don McNamara 9 months ago

You can now test drag and drop functionality in your web applications using mabl.


Custom HTTP headers logging

Posted by Eugene Krylov 10 months ago

Test execution logs now include custom HTTP header names to enable troubleshooting and debugging of the test plans that require a custom header. For a plan configured to send a custom header, logs will always include the header name.


Configure mabl CLI with API key

Posted by Geoff Cooney 10 months ago

The mabl CLI can now be configured with API key authorization. This makes the CLI easier to use in CI/CD environments.