GitLab CI/CD Integration

Posted by Joseph Lust 11 months ago

Mabl now integrates with your GitLab CI/CD Pipelines to easily view mabl test results in Merge Requests and Pipeline job output. Combining mabl with your CI/CD workflows is as simple as including a small YAML snippet in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.


HTTP Archive (HAR) file capture available to all workspaces

Posted by Christina Black 11 months ago

By popular demand, we've enabled HTTP Archive (HAR) file capture across the board for all mabl accounts and users regardless of your subscription! 🎉


Jenkins Integration Update

Posted by Bertold Kolics 11 months ago

A new version of the Jenkins mabl integration has been released that now includes test case IDs in the JUnit report. For the full list of changes, visit the GitHub repository page.


Edit the target of an assertion step

Posted by Tamara Yu 12 months ago

When editing an assertion step, it is now possible to edit the target of the assertion. Simply click on the arrow button and reselect your target.


Target element attributes overlay

Posted by Juliette MacPhail about a year ago

Mabl now shows additional information for any given element on the page when changing the target element, creating an assertion, or creating a variable based on element attributes. Simply hover over an element to view additional details, such as the class name or tag. Utilize these attributes to quickly locate the correct element without referring to the DOM.


Integrating with test case management tools

Posted by Lauren Clayberg about a year ago

New to mabl is the ability to add one or multiple outside test case IDs, from test case management (TCM) tools such as Zephyr for Jira or TM4J, directly to your mabl tests. Once paired, you can start sending your mabl test results directly to your TCM tool of choice via mabl‘s execution results API and webhooks. This allows you to programmatically retrieve and analyze test results and quickly update relevant test cases in your TCM system. Learn more with our in-depth documentation.


Mabl CLI Docker images now available

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

Running the mabl CLI in your CI/CD pipeline just got easier. Skip the NPM and CLI install process using the mabl CLI image on DockerHub. Now you can start tests and view results in a single command! Better still, these tiny containers are much faster than running npm install and work across operating systems.


Workspace summary emails now show total allocated test runs

Posted by Christina Black about a year ago

Mabl's workspace summary emails now show your allocated monthly runs as a denominator in the Test runs this month section. We've also clarified the metrics we're sending.


Rollback all selector overrides from test execution

Posted by Lauren Clayberg about a year ago

A new menu item, "Rollback updated selectors", has been added on the test output page.


CircleCI integration

Posted by Bertold Kolics about a year ago

You can now trigger specific environment or application test plans from CircleCI. The result of the test runs is also available in JUnit XML format. For more information, visit the run-mabl-tests Orb documentation or the mabl help article.