Configure mabl CLI with API key

Posted by Geoff Cooney 4 months ago

The mabl CLI can now be configured with API key authorization. This makes the CLI easier to use in CI/CD environments. To configure the CLI:


Easily Run Tests Outside of a Plan

Posted by Ryan Jones 4 months ago

Quickly trigger individual test runs without worrying about plans and effects on pass/fail reporting. These runs won’t trigger insights and will only appear in the “Results” page and the “Run History”...


Wait Until Step

Posted by Shannon Lu 4 months ago

We're all fine with "up to a 15 minute wait" for a table to open at our favorite restaurant, but if a table is available before the 15 minutes is up, wouldn't you prefer be seated earlier rather than ...


PDF export includes step titles

Posted by Eugene Krylov 4 months ago

Reading test run results exported to PDF format just got easier. We now include step titles in the output to help navigate long and complicated tests.


Heading options for Echo step

Posted by Kim Tran 4 months ago

Do you have tests with many flows and steps? You can now organize them in logical sections by designating the Echo steps as headers. Test overview and run result pages will style Echo steps according ...


Download for datatables

Posted by Eugene Krylov 4 months ago

Just as you can import your existing datatables into mabl by uploading them in CSV format, you can now download your datatables in CSV format to share them with others or manage test data in a spr...


GitHub Actions Custom Event Support

Posted by Joseph Lust 4 months ago

You can now trigger GitHub Actions Workflows based on ...


Test detail's plan list in new tab

Posted by Jay Zipursky 4 months ago

We continue to improve the test details page's organization to make it easier to use. A test's plans are now found in a new tab labeled "Plans". The "Run history" tab shows the test's results, so we ...


Execution Results API Enhancements

Posted by James Baldassari 4 months ago

The Execution Results API has been updated to make it easier to tell whether a deployment was successful when taking automatic plan retries into account. A new top-level object was added to the respon...


Selecting, adding, removing, and editing URLs

Posted by Dani Dewitt 4 months ago

Selecting an application, environment, and URL for a plan just got easier.