Bamboo Plugin Released

We're excited to announce the release of the mabl Bamboo Integration Plugin.

East Asian Language Support

mabl will soon fully support multiple East Asian character sets for journey execution.

Showing context for filtered output logs


An example of an unfiltered journey run output log.

Collapsible Side Navigation

The left side navigation is collapsible.

Side-by-side Comparison of Current and Baseline Images for Visual Change Output

If execution output has visual changes, the current and baseline images can now be viewed at the same time.

Collapsing successfully completed steps

When viewing output from a journey run, steps that completed without errors will be automatically collapsed.

Start and stop individual tests and plans

Several changes have been made recently to provide more control over plan and test execution.
It is now possible to execute a single test within a plan by clicking the run button next to the test name on the plan details page:

Jenkins Integration Simplified

Make things as simple as possible, then make then simpler. That's the mabl way. We've simplified the mabl Jenkins integration plugin by reducing the setup inputs from three to one in release v0.0.8. This makes setup literally point, click, and paste. It's that simple.

Initial keypress support in the mabl trainer

The mabl trainer will now track an initial set of keypress events in the latest release (v. These keypresses will then be carried out during each run of the Journey/Flow they were recorded in. Enter, Tab, Backspace and Delete keys are currently supported.

Test execution speedup

We've made a lot of effort to speed up your tests running in mabl. Our engine has been overhauled with many speed tweaks, resulting in up to 50% run time reduction. You will see the benefits immediately.