Trained tests can now include an automatic login step

Posted by Geoff Cooney 3 years ago

mabl now supports created trained journeys that start with an auto-login flow. When creating a new journey, make sure the 'add login flow' button is on. This will automatically add a login flow to the beginning of the journey you are training.

Visual Changes in trained tests

Posted by John Kinnebrew 3 years ago

When the screenshot of a step in a test changes from earlier screenshots of the same step, mabl will highlight this in the execution output and provide a toggle to switch between viewing the current screenshot and the baseline screenshot from earlier runs.

Configure Link Crawler to treat URL as a strict prefix

Posted by James Baldassari 3 years ago

If your configured application URL is, and some page there links to, the link crawler will also crawl (as long as it's in the domain). It is now possible to restrict the Link Crawler such that it will only crawl URLs that begin with the configured application URL, in this example.

Trainer supports <select> elements

Posted by Stephen Vance 3 years ago

With the release of version, the mabl trainer extension supports training mabl to use dropdowns (see image).

New Assertion Types

Posted by Stephen Vance 3 years ago

We have now added five new assertion types in version of the mabl trainer: does not equal, contains, does not contain, starts with, and does not start with.

Linked Checker Speedup

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 years ago

We always want mabl to run quickly. Some customers with large applications, numbering many thousands of links, took a while to crawl. To keep mabl peppy, we've implemented multiple enhancements, realizing 50% or greater speedups of Linked Checker runs.

Email Reports for Plans

Posted by Geoff Cooney 3 years ago

Mabl now supports email report for plans! To schedule a report for your plan, go to the plan details page and select Notifications. Mabl will schedule email reporting on the link crawler plan by default. The schedule for this can be edited or turned off in the same place.

Delete Step in mabl Trainer

Posted by Ryan Jones 3 years ago

Visual Deployments

Posted by Ryan Jones 3 years ago

Configure schedule and event triggers for a plan

Posted by Michael Bartucca 3 years ago

Users can now configure a Plan to run on a different duration than the default 30 minutes. Users can also add/remove the deployment trigger to start/stop Plans from being triggered by the Deployment API.