Jenkins Plugin Released

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 years ago

We're excited to announce the release of the mabl Jenkins Integration Plugin.

Use plan credentials as variables

Posted by Tamara Yu 3 years ago

When adding a plan, if you provide a set of credentials, mabl will exercise the auto-login feature; that is, mabl will try to figure out how to log into the app on her own. But if you want to train her instead, the app credentials are now accessible in the trainer as variables, and you can apply them to login fields.

iFrame Support in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 3 years ago

The mabl Trainer now supports training in iframes as of version Simply use the trainer as you normally would and you'll see the actions tracked in the steps table as you interact with elements inside any iframe.

Download Assertions Added

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 years ago

mabl can now automatically record and play back file download assertions. No more trying to automate download modals with Selenium, trying to match ever changing filenames with numbers injected by the browser, or worrying about cleaning up downloads at the end of your test step. mabl has you covered.

Delete Workspace

Posted by Dani Dewitt 3 years ago

Delete a workspace from the Settings > Workspace page. This is a permanent action, and will delete the workspace and all its child entities.

Test created by column

Posted by Dani Dewitt 3 years ago

View user that created a test in the test table.

Plan details from test table

Posted by Dani Dewitt 3 years ago

Hover over the plan count icon to reveal more details about the plans in a test in the test table.

New API endpoint for CI/CD integration

Posted by James Baldassari 3 years ago

We recently made a new endpoint available to facilitate mabl integration with CI/CD pipelines. In addition to the existing Deployment Events API, the new Execution Result API will allow you to retrieve results of tests that were executed as a result of a deployment event. For more information and example code see the documentation here:

See the unexpected visual changes in your journeys

Posted by John Kinnebrew 3 years ago

mabl now highlights only the unexpected visual changes in the output for your journeys. mabl automatically learns what areas change across test runs and excludes them from visual change detection. For example, if your app shows event schedules or popular items that change regularly, mabl will recognize those areas and only highlight other areas when they look different from what mabl expects.

Broken Links List from Test Output

Posted by Dani Dewitt 3 years ago

View, sort, filter broken links list for completed tests from the test output page.