Test and plan output summary page now filterable!

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

You can now filter tests and plans on their respective pages. Just click the filter button and start typing in the column you want to filter!

Find now supports find first and find last

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

Mabl now supports find last and find first as additional options when using xpath or css selectors to find a matching element. As opposed to find any, which will select any element on the page, find first and find last guarantee mabl will select the first or last element on the page. The selection criteria and actions supported are the same as find any.

Editing saved tests

Posted by Stephen Vance 2 years ago

You trained a test, saved it, and something went wrong. What do you do next?

Support for HTTP basic auth and custom HTTP headers

Posted by James Baldassari 2 years ago

HTTP Basic Auth

Quickly retraining tests

Posted by Stephen Vance 2 years ago

You can now quickly retrain a test. If you look on the Monitor dashboard, you will see a new icon (a pencil with a checkbox) next to the history for trained tests that ran the latest version of the test (yes, we're now versioning tests under the hood).

Remove Auto-Login from your Journey

Posted by Stephen Vance 2 years ago

If you added auto-login to your journey and then trained the login anyway, you can now remove it. Just look for the trash can icon on the right hand side of the title for that flow in the Journey Details page.

Live Highlighting of Find Any CSS and XPath Queries in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

The mabl Trainer will now highlight elements and display a result count for CSS and XPath queries when using the Find Any action. Simply type in the criteria field and mabl will evaluate the query as you type displaying the options for mabl to interact with. This is a great way to ensure you are selecting the right elements.

Insights Sidebar

Posted by Ryan Jones 2 years ago

We made Insights more visible by adding them to the sidebar - now there's a persistent count and list of Insights at your fingertips on every screen of the app!

Find any now works with input and select elements

Posted by Geoff Cooney 3 years ago

mabl now supports using find functionality to enter text into input elements or choose an option from a select element. To use these features, click the find button in the trainer ui, enter your CSS or XPath query and choose an action.

Typed Navigation & Page Refreshes Now Tracked in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 3 years ago

The mabl Trainer now tracks typed navigation and page refresh events performed during mabl training sessions. You'll see them tracked in the Captured Steps view in the mabl trainer UI.