Recent test run history

Posted by Dani Dewitt 2 years ago

View 10 most recent test run statuses (passed, failed, terminated) per test in the Tests tab. Includes pass percentage.

Automatic Popup Dismissal

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

mabl will now attempt to automatically dismiss popups that open inside the page of applications under test. Users should no longer have to worry about tests failing due to unexpected in app popup since mabl will now dismiss any that interfere with the test that is being run. Automatic popup dismissal is only run in the event that the current action in the journey would fail without it. Users can still train against popups as they had before if desired. This feature is currently available in all Chrome and Firefox tests with support for Internet Explorer coming soon.

PDF Export for test run output

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 2 years ago

Enterprise Feature

This feature is included in mabl Enterprise tier and during the free trial period.

Test Execution Screenshot Improvements

Posted by Jonathan Oexner 2 years ago

We've recently made improvements to the simplicity, reliability and performance of test execution screenshots. mabl now picks the most relevant screenshot for test execution steps, and makes sure it's ready when you view test output.

Plan Run Card Expand/Collapse

Posted by Ryan Jones 2 years ago

Those of us with many journeys per plan, rejoice! You will now see a summary of journey results per plan run! Click anywhere on the header to expand the plan run to show all of the journey information that you're used to seeing that ran with that plan.

Adding tests to plans in bulk

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

You can now bulk-add journeys to plans via the Tests page. This is particularly useful if you have many tests that you'd like to add to a single plan. It saves you the time of manually adding each test via the Plan Edit form.

Multi-tab support

Posted by James Baldassari 2 years ago

As of version 1.4.0 the trainer is now able to track actions across multiple tabs. When recording a flow, if the site being tested opens a new tab (e.g. by clicking a link with target="_blank"), you will see steps in the trainer similar to this:

Big improvements in reliable reporting of test results

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

We're happy to announce a number of quality of life enhancements around the reporting of test results!

Set Your Primary Workspace with User Preferences

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 2 years ago

You can now set your primary workspace—the one which will be loaded on each new session.

Single Sign On with SAML

Posted by Mike DeCosta 2 years ago

Add single-sign-on using SAML to your available mabl login options.